Body Treatments

Detoxifying Mineral Salt Glow Treatment

The aromatherapy mineral salt glow will polish away dull, dry skin and render the roughest areas silky smooth. At the same time, the skin is nourished and your body is detoxified by the citrus oils, which have natural diuretic properties to help flush the skin of toxins. This invigorating full body exfoliation leaves your skin soft, supple and radiant. While you are wrapped mummy-like to hasten the flushing, a facial is administered. NOTE: Do not wax, sunbathe or shave the day before, the day of, or the day after a salt glow treatment.75 minutes $125

Juara Invigorating Coffee Body Treatment

In need of a major boost? This invigorating body treatment uses the energizing benefits of Indonesian coffee to exfoliate skin and stimulate circulation for softer skin and a major pick-me-up. (After the whole body is exfoliated, you may choose to follow this up with a massage with Candlenut Body Crème for complete hydration.)30 minutes $50

By Rahma Algae Body Wraps

We first exfoliate your skin using an apricot kernel scrub.  After exfoliation, a seaweed clay wrap is applied to the skin to detoxify through the sweating process to eliminate impurities.  After the sweating process, the wrap is wiped off with warm cloths followed by an invigorating shower.  Seaweed wraps contain sea salt, sea weed, amino acids and vitamins that are essential to good skin care and maintenance.  People with certain medical conditions may be contraindicated.  Please consult with reception.



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