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Facial skin is comprised of approximately 30-40 cell layers, which deteriorate over time.  ideally, our top layers will gradually peel off, or “exfoliate,” naturally.  However, aging and sun damage can slow this process down considerably.  When the skin accumulates too many dead layers of cells, the results can be unhealghy looking skin and clogged pores.  Facial peels result in:

• Less noticeable fine lines and wrinkles
• A decreased appearance of superficial scars
• Healthier skin
• A more refreshed appearance

Glycolic Acid Peel

This is an all-natural, rapid exfoliating treatment that stimulates cellular turnover to help you regain a healthy, smooth and even complexion.  Glycolic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from sugar cane that works to loosen the bond that holds dead skin cells together, allowing them to slough away revealing fresh, new skin underneath.  Regular glycolic treatments will result in minimizing pore congestion and blackheads, minimizing discoloration from old acne and sun exposure as well as softening the look of fine lines and dull skin.  For maximum benefits this treatment is recommended as an add-on to microdermabrasion or a facial.  Your esthetician will decide if this treatment is suitable for your skin type and condition.  30 minutes $95

Vitamin C Peel

An anti-aging facial customized for either acne or oily skin, or for sensitive skin and those with rosacea.  Vitamin C and natural botanical extracts deeply penetrate to nourish your skin, brightening skin tone while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.  Vitamin C plus natural botanical enzymes rich in anti-oxidants all help to regenerate natural skin cell growth.   30 minutes $95

Package Discount

The GLYCOLIC ACID and VITAMIN C PEELS can be purchased as a package for maximum benefit and savings.Package of 6 $480

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