Moist heat packs provide up to 40 minutes of deep soothing heat. The heat relieves pressure and pain on the area where applied. Add moist heat packs to any massage service for $10 (except 30 minute specialty massages).

Instructional Massage for Couples

Learn to massage your partner from a professional!  One person is massaged while the other is shown proper techniques by a licensed massage therapist.  Then we switch so all are satisfied! 2 hours $250

Specialty Half Hour Massage

Target either the head, neck, back and shoulder or concentrate on the feet in these specific massages. Ideal to combat stiffness and stress if time is limited. 30 minutes $40

Heavenly Hot Stones Therapy

Stone massage involves the application of water-heated basalt stones of varying sizes to key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth. The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with regular massage.60/90/120 minutes $90/120/150


A truly traditional massage with regulated pressure that is excellent for releasing knots and tensions in the body. Stimulating, long, strong movements effectively ease a tired aching back and limbs.60/90/120 minutes $80/$110/$140


A cleansing blend of citrus oils, which has natural diuretic properties, to flush away toxins.60/90/120 minutes $80/110/140


Specially blended soothing aromatherapy oils which have relaxing and calming properties to de-stress.60/90/120 minutes $80/110/140

Australian Immune Booster

A powerful blend of tea tree and eucalyptus oils, well known for their anti-viral, anti-bacterial and soothing properties.60/90/120 minutes $80/110/140

Traditional Thai Massage

On Request.60/90/120 minutes $90/120/150

Essential Oil Massage

(Including consultation and treatment program by certified aromatherapist) The concentrated blends of essential oils extracted from plants release their soothing properties into the skin and act on the body systemically. The technique eases muscle tension, releases energy with acupressure movements and is the perfect answer to relieve stress.60/90/120 minutes $90/120/150

Yin Yang Style Massage

This special treatment combines Swedish and Thai massage techniques. A Swedish massage is first administered, preparing your muscles for the deep energy releasing pressures and stretching of the Thai method. The whole experience refreshes the mind, body and soul.90/120 minutes $110/140

Pregnancy Massage

Massage is a great thing during pregnancy. It helps soothe stress, improve circulation and eases aches and pains. We are the only Day Spa on Magazine Street offering pregnancy massage with the bodyCushion, which was created for maximum comfort and relaxation for pregnant and large breasted clients. You can finally lay on your stomach again in total comfort. Please mention the bodyCushion at time of booking.60/90/120 minutes $90/120/150

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